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Klinosorb is a universal sorptive agent. Because of its unique features, Klinosorb can be used in industry, for cleaning up oil spills, in agriculture and forestry, for cleaning up chemical spills, in emergency situations...
KlinosorbSorptive granulate Klinosorb is designed for sorption and retention of spilled aggressive liquids – acids, caustic solutions, solvents – from solid surfaces.

Klinosorb is a natural aluminosilicate, specially activated in order to achieve high absorptive capacity and universal use.


  • effective absorption of spills and smell
  • high absorption power
  • maximum chemical stability and ability to retain the absorbed material
  • standard disposal according to the characteristic of the absorbed substance

Instructions for cleaning up dangerous liquid spills:

Spread the material on the surface and leave the product to work. Liquids get quickly absorbed to granules until the sorption capacity is exhausted (granules turn dark green). 
Sorption is faster when the granules are raked around with a suitable tool (shovel, rake, etc.). Replace the granules when they are fully soaked with the spilled liquid. Once the sorptive capacity is exhausted, remove the used granules with a suitable tool (shovel, bucket, etc.) and dispose of into prepared hazardous chemicals containers.  

When cleaning up spills, always use protective equipment in accordance with the type and nature of the spilled liquid.

Klinosorb efficiency chart - Click to download or view a PDF file klinosorb

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