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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The most important aim of the company MEDIAP® is to offer complex services in the highest possible quality, according to our client's requirements.

Sophisticated and efficient management mechanisms and modern machine equipment enable us to prepare interesting offers both in terms of economy and delivery times (according to the clients requirements and needs), which fully comply with all quality standards and requirements.

manufacturing of medicinal products within the scope of primary packaging of solid pharmaceutical forms, e.g. tablets, hard gelatine capsules and soft gelatine capsules 

  • blistering (Alu/PVC, PP/PVC), marking batch numbers and expiry dates on blisters 
  • filling medicinal products and food supplements into plastic/glass medicine bottles including the option of welding an aluminium membrane on the bottle-neck using an induction sealing head; machine labelling, marking batch numbers and expiry dates on the medicine bottles 
  • filling medicinal products and food supplements into bag, marking batch numbers and expiry dates on the bags

manufacturing of medicinal products within the scope of secondary packaging of medicinal products supplied in primary packaging and repackaging of medicinal products supplied in original packaging

  • amendments and corrections of incorrect or insufficient texts on a package leaflet or on secondary packaging (inkjet printing or attaching a label with the required text; attaching a label with an EAN code or printing a new EAN code; printing a batch number and expiry date; replacing package leaflets; replacing folding boxes; agreed adjustments on a primary packaging without the need to break the packaging; attaching labels with Braille code on a folding box; printing and manufacturing of package leaflets, labels and folding boxes including artworks) 
  • finalising medicinal products supplied in primary packaging (placing blisters, vials, medicine bottles etc. in secondary packaging, inserting package leaflets, printing of package leaflets and manufacturing of secondary packaging, e.g. paper folding boxes
  • similar adjustments can be applied to food supplements, medicinal devices, medicinal cosmetics and other pharmaceutical goods
  • marking samples of pharmaceutical products with words “Sample. Not for sale.” preparing marketing samples for doctors (additional text printing or attaching labels with the text “Sample. Not for sale.”
  • repackaging of tested medicinal products (for clinical trial purposes)adjustments required for parallel import and export of the medicinal products with the EU
  • adjustments and completion of various pharmaceutical goods, production of gift sets, etc.  

manufacturing of medicinal products within the scope of import from third countries

  • representation and provision of services related to customs proceedings in connection with import of medicinal products from third countries
  • receipt and storage of the imported goods until the goods are released by a qualified person of the marketing authorisation holder for sales within the EU/EEA storage and distribution of the released goods

manufacturing of food rations and combat food rations

  • manufacturing of food rations with long shelf life, which provide nutrition for individuals in nonstandard and emergency situations, such as natural disasters, stays in unfavourable natural conditions, war conflicts and so on
  • manufacturing of combat food rations for military forces and other state organisations


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