• Contractual pharmaceutical manufacturing

    We provide complex services related to primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products. All operations connected with these manufacturing processes are GMP compliand.

  • Pharmaceutical logistic services

    We provide complex logistic services in the field of pharmaceutical products and food supplements – from storage to their delivery to a specified location. We are GDP certified.

  • Food supplements

    We also specialize in certified manufacturing (primary and secondary adjustments) of high-quality food supplements.

  • Certified manufacturing environment

    Our manufacturing facility offers optimal conditions and enables us to provide high quality and complex services in the field of contractual pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our quality is assured by appropriate certificates (GMP, ISO).

  • Packaging of pharmaceuticals

    We offer primary and secondary packaging (adjustment) of pharmaceutical products in solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistic services

MEDIAP® is a stable and reliable partner specializing  in contractual pharmaceutical manufacturing (CMO), storage and pharmaceutical logistic services within the territory of Eastern Europe. Other significant activities of the company focus on development and manufacturing of food rations and humanitarian kits, which are required especially in emergencies. This activity is complemented by our complex logistic services offer (storage, shipment packing and “Just in time” transport to a customer).

In MEDIAP® we pay special attention to improvements of quality of our products and supplied services. Quality is assured by certificates that are issued and regularly reviewed by qualified certification authorities.

The company's main development objectives are high standard and complexity of the supplied services, as well as manufacturing of high-quality products.

MEDIAP ®, spol. s r.o.

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Dostihová 678
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